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You all know that you all are living in a fear-based. Your home is a vast responsibility of yours. So it is your liability that you have to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance. You also need to understand the basics of how your home’s major systems work and what needs to be done to keep them in good condition. When you provide regular care to your home than at that time you all forget your electrical system. However, an annual safety inspection acts as a line of defense against home disasters that could be very costly and put your loved ones love’s in danger. If you save your electricity then it will save your money as well, at the same it is better for the environment. If you hire an electrical certificate on your property with full safety checks then it can helps to save your life. When there is too much load on your cables then after a time it lose heat up and can catch fire. If it should not be controlled then this could have led to a fire. This was found after an Electrical safety check for a new certificate.


Here at Rescom Electrical we are specialize in power protection systems to keep your business running smoothly in the event of a loss of power and we will work with you to provide a customized solution, from installation through to ongoing. It should be suggested by us that when you are working on an electrical system, the power must be shut off. However, you can use switches and disconnects to turn off the current to certain parts of the system, and keep it on in other sections, which might be necessary when performing various tasks.  Sometimes we see that many of you feel that an electrical inspection simply isn’t necessary because their electricity seems to work right most of the time. However, it’s important to know signs that your electrical system may be in need of repair. Our electrical inspection will gives you about potentially dangerous wiring issues so that you can prevent a fire or explosion in your home. It is your responsibility to having an inspection completed by a professional on a yearly basis then it is the best way to ensure that all potential issues are identified. Of course, you can also take steps to protect yourself, such as inspecting appliance cords and extension cords monthly for wear, damage or breakage.

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With our services, you can save you money on your electric bill and can significantly increase the life of your light bulbs. This makes a big difference if you happen to use expensive bulbs, or if they are in hard to reach locations. So it is always suggested that make your safe decision, and keep yourself and your co-workers injury free. Everyone deserves to go home injury-free at the end of their workday.

Rescom Brings the Good Electrician to Life

cropped-srsfrs.jpgMany homes have experience problems with their electrical circuitry. If a homeowner is experiencing some type of problem with their system then it include outdated wiring, remodeling projects and damaged wiring. If a homeowner experiences these kinds of problems with their house they should immediately contact a qualified technician for electrical services.

Our company supply a full range of electrical services for all commercial & residential sectors. We offer electrician services in Adelaide at competitive and efficient service which is carried out to a high standard. Our installations are checked with compliance to the current building regulations.  We are aware of the urgency and response time required within this sector and strives to give the best quality service possible.  Throughout our electrical team we have a wide experience in all areas of the electrical industry and can find solutions for both small and large businesses.

industrialelecIn addition to our guarantee and reliability of our services, we pride ourselves on taking a friendly and flexible approach to customer service. We fit our work around your needs, not the other way around, and pledge to respond to all calls and queries as soon as they are received.

Our Electrical services include:-

  • Fuse Boards Upgrades
  • Fixed wiring tests
  • New sockets and circuits
  • Fault finding and Rewires it
  • Door entry Systems
  • Garden Lightning
  • Fire Detection

As you know wiring damaged for a number of reasons. Sometimes rodents chew on the circuits and wiring or too much power can pass through a particular wire over time causing it to degrade. Regardless of the reason, many people typically do not check for damaged or faulty wiring.

Why Choose us?

  • Fully certified and insured
  • Free quotations and additional pricing information
  • Always available on 24/7 hours
  • Provide emergency services
  • Electricians are uniformed, courteous & reliable
  • Energy efficient suggestions & ideas
  • Same Day Service

Electrical Safety leads your Life safety

Electrician AdelaideMain voltage of electricity in our home is extremely dangerous. There is a significant risk of death through electrocution if main voltage electricity is allowed to pass through the body. There can also be a risk of fire and explosion if electricity is not cabled and fused correctly. You know in recent survey it should be analysed that every year more than 40k residential fires that claim about 350 lives and cause over 1,400 injuries are due to incidents that involve electrical equipment. Electricity is a major cause of fire in the home whether by accident or by electrical faults.

Safe Electricity uses Electrical Safety World to teach people the principles and practices of electrical safety through experiments and other activities. The Electrical Safety guides you to assess the effectiveness of your electrical safety program, and identify areas that may require further examination. So keep your family safe, do an electrical safety check in and around your home twice in a year.

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The following we discuss some basic safety tips which help to prevent you and your family from coming in contact with high voltage power lines.

  • Never use an aluminium ladder if you are working any electricity related task in your home. An electrical surge will ground you and the whole electric current will pass through your body. So always use a bamboo, wooden ladder instead.
  • Never use metallic pencils or wear rings or metal watchbands when working with electrical equipment. This rule is very easy to forget, especially when you are showing some electrical part pointing with metallic pencil.
  • Do not enter your basement if you know or suspect water has risen above the level of electrical outlets is near your electrical panel. Electricity can move through water or wet flooring and cause a severe electrical shock.
  • You always obey the warning signs when you are working on any electrical installations such as substation fences and enclosures. “Danger – High Voltage” means exactly what it says. Make sure your children understand the facts.
  • Keep your clothes and curtains and other combustible materials at away from radiators, space heaters, heating vents and other heat sources.

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Five Tips to Choose a Best Electrician in Adelaide

As we know that finding a best Electrician in Adelaide is very tough task because finding an electrical contractor that you trust is key to ensuring the safety of your home as well as your office. An Electrician job is one of the responsibilities the person has to be chosen with care. As we know that electrician work is dangerous and the work is done with extreme care. Looking on those things here we mention some ways through which you can choose highly Skilled Electrician.


Tips to Choose Best Electrician in Adelaide by Rescom Electrical

Electrician must be Licensed and Insured:-The first and most important point is that your hired Electrician has licensed to carry out these kinds of services. This means that he has adequate knowledge and expertise in handle all type of situations. You should not hire that electrician who has not licensed because if anything cause with you and your property then you yourself is responsible for that.

Capability to Handle Several Tasks: – This is another factor which comes with relevant experience. The experienced electrician has capable to Handle several tasks whether it is commercial or residential. One thing should be noted that he is familiar with latest technology and equipment’s which consume lesser time than others.

Support during Emergency: – Another thing is that your electrician must be available at 24 hours and 7 days. You must be assured that electrician is always available there to attend your issues without delay or in emergency conditions.

Experience and Qualification: – Another next thing is that you must know about his experience and his qualification before hiring. He would be able to tackle every type of problem with efficient manner. If your electrician is experienced he would not take much time to diagnose the entire problem and fix that problem accurately.

Cost Estimation: – Your technician should be very transparent in every estimate so that you can budget accordingly. Check whether your electrician charges by job or on hourly basis. Once the estimated cost should be fixed get a written contract from him in which you should mention type of work in estimated cost at a given timeline.


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Welcome to Rescom Electrical Adelaide. We are local and suburbs approved Electricians operating across the Adelaide. Our team offer an all-Domestic Electricians in Adelaide, New Electrical Cabling Installation Adelaide out service you can rely on at all times day or night. Rescom Electrical, we offer installation and servicing for new power points, down lights, ceiling, fans, exhaust fans in kitchen, outdoor power points, and spa filter etc.

Rescom Electrician Adelaide offers you reliable and proficient domestic electricians all across Adelaide at the mainly affordable costs. We are proud of delivering quality electrical services. Our dedicated team of competent, knowledgeable, qualified, and trained team of electricians has been servicing household electrical in Adelaide for more than many years. We are also equipped to upgrade switch boards to avoid damage to your expensive electronic equipment and gadgets through unexpected power surge.

Rescom Electrical Adelaide includes Domestic & Commercial Electrical Work, Maintenance, Fault Finding, covering all Adelaide Suburbs. Our proficient and knowledgeable electricians are also well versed with installing new power points, safety switches, surge protection devices, hot water thermostats, air conditioners, hot water connections, hot water elements, outdoor lighting, testing safety switches, kitchen renovations, home re-wiring, all kinds of lighting – emergency, sensor lights, smoke alarms etc., exhaust fans, weather proof power points, and so on. For Electrical Service Call 1300 042 833 today!